Metal Roofing and Siding

The Ross Group has completed thousands of conventional metal roofing and siding projects throughout Northwest Indiana and the South Chicago area. Our quality, safety, and speed are unmatched by others in the industry. We specialize in the new installation, repair and replacement of metal roof and wall panels for commercial and industrial applications, serving mid-sized commercial clients to Fortune 500 industrial corporations.

As one of Indiana’s premier metal roofing contractors, we understand demanding industrial situations and utilize high-grade solutions to meet clients’ needs for a variety of applications. Our specialty is taking on challenging construction jobs that require skill, precision, and a focused approach to safety.

Our metal roofing and siding services are typically used for the following types of industrial clients: steel mills, chemical processing plants, food processing facilities, fertilizer plants, power plants, plastics facilities, distribution centers and warehouses, and other such light-to-heavy industrial facilities.

Our Metal Roofing & Siding Division Services

Among our provided metal roofing and siding services are the following:

  • Roof and Wall Systems: We work with a variety of sheet metal roof and wall systems, including the use of corrugated, high dash rib, standing seam, and foam panels. We install new or remove and replace existing metal roofing and siding panels with various profiles.
  • Skylights and Roof Hatches: We provide additional functionality for sheet metal roofs, including skylights and roof hatches. Skylights are manufactured, single units that are installed as one piece and are fitted into roof openings for light. To meet safety requirements, roof hatches are installed for accessing the roof from the interior structure and accommodating proper operation over time.
  • Translucent Roof and Wall Panels: Translucent panels are designed specifically to match the profile of the roof or sidewall where they will be installed. These systems are suitable for a range of daylighting applications while offering many of the advantages of conventional metal panels.
  • Roof and Floor Decking: Metal roof and floor decking is another essential aspect of industrial buildings. Roof decking is used to support vertical loads and weather-related barrier systems, while floor decking is great for walkways, mezzanines, parking garages, multi-story buildings, and more.
  • Louvers and Ventilators: Our designers will recommend solutions for needed functionality, such as ventilation. When properly installed, louvers and ventilators can contribute to reduced heating and air conditioning expenses.

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