The Ross Group: Leaders in Construction Safety

"Lead the Way - Work Safe Today"

Safety is critical to our business and it's an underlying theme in everything we do at The Ross Group. From construction accident prevention programs to employee training to lock out/ tag out procedures, we take safety seriously.

That's one reason we were chosen as one of six companies out of 3,400 to receive a Gibson Safety Award in 2010 (Click through for details from press release). We're proud to say The Ross Group achieved Zero (0) recordable injuries in 2009.

Our Creative Approach to Construction Safety
Working safe often means meeting challenges with a touch of creativity, as we balance the need to bring building materials and workers to a job site with the critical job of staying safe.

Among the creative approaches we've used are:

  • Airlifting supplies to workers via helicopter when ground transportation provided questionable
  • Hand-carrying tons of materials to our craftsmen working in inaccessible areas
  • Safely securing our roofer 200 feet above ground while assuring no materials dropped below
  • Hoisting 60,000 concrete tilt-up panels into place without a hitch
  • Re-sheeting a large, curved ventilator using swing stages hanging from the top and the sides

Our construction safety approach involves:

  • Starting each project with a job site safety assessment and plan that covers everything from construction equipment safety to how we transport materials to identifying potential hazards.
  • Weekly jobsite safety inspections to analyze project steps, address potential safety issues, and make necessary changes.

Our Global Construction Safety Initiatives

  • We're a part of ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable vendors.
  • The Supervisor Accountability Program, which requires supervisors to perform weekly job site safety inspections; complete OSHA Construction Advancement Foundation safety programs; and more.
  • Company-Wide Safety First Meetings to enhance employee education and allow all employees to share, learn and review critical construction safety procedures.